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Is Health & Safety A Priority In Your Business?


Work Health & Safety is critical for businesses today but can be confusing and stressful to implement. We Make it easy for you.

About Us

work health and safety nzWork, Health & Safety NZ  (WHS-NZ) is more than just our name, it is our Mission. Business people have more than enough compliance work to do, but compliance demands systems and our WH&S experience.

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The WHS Law And You

wh&s lawsWork, Health & Safety NZ Workplace Safety Consultants. In New Zealand, there is a new law called the Work, Health & Safety Act being implemented shortly, that has nothing to with ACC. They are totally different things, different Acts, different requirements. NZ is adapting Australia’s model, “The Work, Health & Safety Act 2011.

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Stress Free WHS

work health safetyWork, Health & Safety is critical for your business, but unfortunately many persons conducting business do not know what is required or where to start. That’s where we come in, creating stress free WHS.

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